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A Word for the Nations

This church has been designed exclusively for women of every race, ethnicity, and nationality across the globe. Our Almighty God in Heaven has given our leader, Apostle Tiyi El, a very strategic assignment in which we have been called to minister "perpetually eccentric women". In simplicity, we realize that there are many women who are living their daily lives on invisible eggshells, because they have always been considered very peculiar from the rest, resulting in feeling like a rejected outcast.

Now let's take a moment to define these two words: perpetual means continuing without intermission or interruption: ceaseless. eccentric means irregular, peculiar, odd. We want you to know that you have been this way for so long, only because God created you this way. Have you noticed that no matter what you have tried, you can never seem to deviate from the person that you truly are? We are here to encourage and remind you that God never makes mistakes, He knows exactly what He created within you, and we know that this has been very difficult to accept.

From the carnal eyes of others, as a child, you would never grow up to be anyone important, or even amount to anything great. Some have managed to break-free from these evil word curses, however, many are painfully still soul searching for human validations and acceptance. Here, at the International Church For Women, we will embrace the "authentic woman" that has been ridiculed, disgraced, over looked, and cast aside continuously throughout her life. We have been set a part and anointed to minister divine inner healing to the core of your being. We will challenge you to take off the mask that hid your true identity for years just to please people. We will help you begin to love and respect yourself beyond college degrees, accomplishments, and accolades. You will break forth and begin to walk in complete liberty grace, and the anointing of the Holy Ghost. You have prayed, and now you are here experiencing the tangible manifestation of an answered prayer the very moment you visited this website. We anticipate you joining this church and becoming an active part of the vision so that you can begin to love and accept who you are, as you begin to walk in the power therein.

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